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The Classical Guitar Solos

The Classical Guitar Solos, duets and Songs by Sor, Giuliani, Aguado and other guitar masters of the early 19th century – Selected and transcribed by Frederick Noad
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Ferdinando Carulli
Duet in G
Air, Nel Cor Piu
G. Paesiello
Four Easy Studies
Dionisio Aguado
Sonatine/Op. 71 No. 1
Mauro Giuliani
A. Meissonier
Cradle Song/(Wiegenlied) Op.13 No. 2
C.M. von Weber
Andantino Grazioso/Op. 5. No. 8Matteo Carcassi
Allegretto/ Op. 5 No. 12
Theme From Op. 102Mauro Giuliani
Arietta/ Op. 95 No. 3
Caprice / Op. 20. No. 2
Variations On A Favorite Theme For Two Guitars / Op. 57Anton Diabelli
Study in A / Op. 44 No. 20Fernando Sor
Study in B Minor / Op. 31 No. 18
Study in E / Op. 35 No. 8
Study in E Minor / Op. 35 No. 24
Study in E Minor / Op. 35 No. 18
Study in E / Op. 42 No. 3
Study in E Minor / Op. 48 No. 5
Mauro Giuliani
Le Premler Pas Vers Moi / Op. 53Fernando Sor
Study in E MinorDionisio Aguado
Study in A Minor
Polonaise Concertante / Op. 137 No. 2Mauro Giuliani
Minuet And Rondo From The Grand Sonata / Op. 22
Fernando Sor
Andante Largo / Op. 5 No. 5
Variations In Tremolo From Op. 21Giulio Regondi
An Die Musik / Op. 88 No. 4
Franz Schubert
Variations on A Theme of G. F. Handel / Op. 107Mauro Giuliani
Fantasy / Op. 7
Fernando Sor
Variations On La Folia And Minuet . Op. 15
Grand Overture / Op. 61Mauro Giuliani
Grand Solo / Op. 14Fernando Sor

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